Thank you for visiting this week’s Terrific Tuesday. Hopefully you will visit each page before you leave. The Bible page has a lesson from the Holy Bible. I try to cover entire books of the Bible in segments that examine the contents in a verse by verse manner. Most books of the Bible include topics within each chapter. To help readers stay on target, each lesson covers a single topic. That should avoid confusion which will keep the true context in focus.


Each Bible page features a video of well known Christian hymns. You will notice that I do a blended format with traditional classics as well as popular contemporary songs. So, if you do not prefer the contemporary, be assured that next week there will probably be a traditional hymn that appeals to you. On the other side of the coin, if you do prefer contemporary, do not be discouraged as there will be a song that does meet your fancy the following week.


The Viewpoints page includes content that looks at topics which are current events. This material will vary in content with some political issues, some Christian news on the world scene, some health and wellness news, etc. Of course since I am a sports fan, there will be regular doses of sports news about the current sport in season. Chances are my favorite team will be a little different than yours so don’t get mad and throw a brick at your screen.


Also on the Viewpoints page there will be a video that might relate to the Bible lesson, but chances are it will not. At times I will use a video of myself giving a Bible lesson that is on my heart. At other times the video will be from an individual or organization that has content related to current events.


The About Us  page features a Comments form that allows you to send me a direct comment about Terrific Tuesday. Don’t be bashful. Go ahead and let me know what you think about the overall content or a specific topic. I expect to learn a lot from each of you that will help me make Terrific Tuesday better and better as time moves along. I do an email distribution list as well as links on various social media sites. If you want to be included on a distribution list, just send me a comment letting me know. Your email address will show up.


As a favor to me and hopefully expand the readership, each of you has my permission to share the link on social media and also forward emails to contacts if you are on a distribution list. Once again, thanks for taking the time to access Terrific Tuesday.

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