Oh boy! Spring Training is here. Yesterday marked the first day of full team workouts for the Texas Rangers. I love it! Various players are in camp that I have really never heard of. Almost without exception details about the different new arrivals reveal recovery of injuries that have kept them off the field in recent seasons. Jon Daniels, general manager, seems drawn to those types of guys as they are usually in the bargain basement price range compared to players with bona fide talent and ability to help a team win.


I still remain hopeful that the baseball gods will look favorably on our Rangers and hand out the blessings of a division championship. It is a shame that the good players on the team and there are some good players on the team, have to struggle to overcome the negatives of those bargain basement priced players that Jon Daniels seems to love so much. The AL West looks to me like a battle between the Mariners and Athletics. Of course the Angels will come out flying like they always do but down the stretch they will fold also like they always do.


We just observed another President’s Day yesterday. If the elected officials of both parties do not come together for the good of the nation instead of for the good of the political party, the Constitutional powers for the Office of President will be forever diminished because of land mines and road blocks placed in his way. President Trump has done an amazing job of doing what his slogan states; Make America Great Again. I do fault him for some of his choices for cabinet positions and staff advisors.


From a few of his comments during the campaign I don’t know if President Trump is a born again Christian or not. However, he has held up the banner of God and His importance to our nation more than once. President Trump also has publicly stated that he wants prayer and Bible reading back in our schools. He consistently has members of the Christian ministry meet with him in the Oval Office prior to important meetings and appearances for prayer and God’s guidance. The President also has unapologetically championed the safety of those precious infants in their mothers’ wombs. He is pro-life and correctly explains his position on that subject with the biblical truth of us being created in the image of God.


We do live in a great nation and I dearly love the USA! There is nowhere else on earth that I would rather live. I thank God often for the fact that I was born here. Added to that blessing of being born here is the extra benefit of being a native Texan. People from all over the world are wanting to come to the USA. People from all over the USA are wanting to come to Texas. God has really blessed me.


In our efforts to restore the greatness of our country, let’s not forget to be peacemakers. We can put forth our disagreements in a way that doesn’t destroy those who hold different views and positions. Some might say, “Well, those people don’t play fair and I’ve got to fight fire with fire.” God tells us to NOT repay evil with evil. He also says that a soft answer turns away wrath. It can be done and I firmly believe that our prayers combined with the spirit of our prayers in our lives will be blessed as God turns us back to Him. Sermon over!