I encourage you to watch the video above. It is very interesting how God does save some Jews in this age to keep His promise of a remnant.

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Boy, the NFL has been feeding us some pretty good football in the post season playoffs. As a Cowboys fan I had my annual letdown last weekend as the Boys fell to the LA Rams. That took some of the luster and certain players’ bragging off the front page news and local sports programs. Now the local sports experts are wondering which coaches will stay and which ones will go. Most agree that a certain red headed coach will get a contract extension from his biggest fan, owner Jerry Jones. My opinion is GET RID OF the Offensive Coordinator. He has the talent on the team to win but it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t know how to use it.


Looking at the conference championships for next weekend, we have some good match-ups. Rams vs Saints; Chiefs vs Patriots. In an earlier Facebook post I predicted a Rams/Chiefs Super Bowl. From the NFC side I am in a quandary. Being a Sean Peyton and Drew Brees fan, one part of me wants the Saints to win. Another part and I don’t know which one, likes the team the Rams have put together. Even though I’ve never been a big Rams fan, I do respect what they have done. Watching them play against the Cowboys, the Rams have the team that Jerry Jones keeps saying he has with the Cowboys. The problem is, the team Jerry thinks he has never shows up on the field. The team in his mind or in his dreams needs to get transferred from his mind to the field.


In the AFC title game, it’s Chiefs all the way for me. Two primary reasons drive my choice. Number one, and I know many of you were not even born at the time, so sit back and enjoy the history lesson, the Chiefs began in the old AFL as the Dallas Texans. I worked with a guy that was friends with the owner, Lamar Hunt. He gave my fiancé and soon to be bride, Wanda, and me 50 yard line tickets in the Cotton Bowl to every home game. The Texans were the class of the AFL. I didn’t pay much attention to the new kid on the NFL block, Dallas Cowboys. Lamar Hunt figured it out that this area was not big enough to support 2 pro teams so he moved his team to Kansas City and they became the Chiefs.


Reason number 2 is Andy Reid, the Chief’s coach. He was once the head coach of the hated Philadelphia Eagles. Yet, even in that position, Reid was regarded by opposing head coaches as a first class guy, both as a coach and as a person. He has had some tragedy in his life that most parents dread: his son died. His public expressions during that time of grief only solidified his standing as a person to be admired. The only opponent the Chiefs could have that would make me pull against them is the Cowboys. I must put a disclaimer here: if they do get to the Super Bowl and it is against the Saints, I will have a tough choice.


So, that’s all for sports this week. Let’s look at the chaotic condition of our nation thanks to the spoiled brats we have elected to public office.


It comes as no surprise that our nation is torn apart by our elected officials refusing to put party politics ahead of the good of the nation. The federal government shutdown reached record levels. The shutdown affects many federal workers in the various bureaucratic agencies. When those employees did not or could not work, they did not get paid. Of course our left leaning news media showed us video after video of these poor mistreated people lining the streets with their signs of protest.


President Trump campaigned on the promise to secure our southern border to keep people out who wanted to get here by not obeying our laws governing immigration. His solution was a wall between Mexico and the United States. That would leave the only access points for entry to well secured border gates. He did make a promise that Mexico would pay for the wall. I don’t think many people, even Trump supporters, believed that would happen. President Trump’s attempt to keep his campaign promise of border security caused him to draw a line in the sand that Congress has to cross to get the government funded for a certain length of time.


With the majority of the House of Representatives being won by the Democrats in the recent mid-term election cycle, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has vowed to make sure the House does not include the funds to build the wall. Of course her counterpart in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, minority leader, has joined her in idiotic statements about how awful our President is for wanting to secure our borders. Members of Congress are getting full pay and benefits even with the shutdown.


Senators Steve Daines of Montana and John Cornyn of Texas have co-sponsored a bill that would restrict Congressional pay and benefits in the event of a government shutdown. They both made public statements that it is Congress’ duty to pass bills to fund the government. So, if the government is not funded, Congress has not done their job so they should not get paid. Over in the House 5 Republican representatives have introduced a bill that would let federal workers get paid even if there is a government shutdown. John Curtis, Congressman from Utah, has introduced a bill in that chamber to prohibit payments and benefits to members of Congress in the event of a shutdown. Many in Congress have directed the government to stop their paychecks due to the shutdown. Kevin Hern, Congressman from Oklahoma, made a statement that he was donating his salary to various veterans’ organizations.