The Western Journal had an interesting commentary last week. It reported that the Bladen County, North Carolina board of elections voted to not allow the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of their meetings. Two Republicans on the Board voted to allow the Pledge while the three Democratic members voted against the recital of the Pledge. When the members opened the floor for questions from the audience, one person asked why the Pledge was not going to be an opening practice. He then began to recite the Pledge and other people in the audience joined him along with the two Republican board members.

Louella Thompson, chairperson of the Board and a Democrat, said that if anyone recited the Pledge at the next meeting, law enforcement personnel would be called to arrest anyone who recited the Pledge for disrupting a public meeting. Both Republicans on the Board are armed service veterans. An interesting development after the meeting revealed that the North Carolina Governor who appointed Thompson is a Democrat. When he was asked about his view of the Pledge of Allegiance recital to begin meetings, he revealed that he was very much in favor of beginning public meetings with the Pledge. He even said that all meetings at the state level began with the Pledge of Allegiance being recited.

Another far left development occurred last week. President Trump had signed an Executive Order which permits states from being forced to house refugees. Texas Governor Greg Abbott initiated the order declaring that Texas would not house refugees. According to the Texas Tribune, last Wednesday Federal Judge Peter J. Messitte of Maryland issued the following ruling. "By giving States and Local governments the power to veto where refugees maybe settled — in the face of clear statutory text and structure, purpose, Congressional intent, executive practice, judicial holdings, and Constitutional doctrine to the contrary — [the order] does not appear to serve the overall public interest,"


You would think a Federal Judge would know a little bit about the U.S. Constitution. It is clear in the language of that document that the rights and privileges stated are for citizens of the USA. Also the framers of the Constitution purposely structured it so that rights would be according to the will of the citizens and not manufactured by a central government body. It is true that certain omissions in the original document have been corrected through amendments such as the right of women to vote. Also the rights and privileges of all citizens no matter the color of their skin have been granted through the amendment process.

The leaders of two major Christian denominations have come out in favor of the judge’s ruling. They base their support of the ruling on Biblical verses which call for the fair and impartial treatment of strangers and foreigners. That is true but these leaders conveniently do not mention that these strangers and foreigners must assimilate to the practice and laws of the country in which they settle. It was recently reported that many of these refugees or immigrants sent billions of dollars back to their previous home countries instead of keeping it here to invigorate our economy and support with taxes the many levels of established government. Much of the funding of these refugees for medical and other benefits comes from these levels of government structured programs which rely on the taxes paid by companies and citizens.


I guess I need to get off my soapbox and give a few lines about the Super Bowl. Unless the officials decide to make it their game with a bunch of yellow flags, this year’s Super Bowl should be an offensive powerhouse. Both teams have great offenses and in the playoffs the Forty-niners seemed to show a better defense than the Chiefs. The quarterbacks for both teams are game breakers. I haven’t seen the betting line yet but the Chiefs are probably favored. Normally I would be rooting for the NFC team but this year I am going to pull for the Chiefs. Their coach, Andy Reid, was always well respected by the other coaches when he coached the Eagles. Reid is a top notch quality person as well as a great coach. My prediction: Chiefs 42—Forty-Niners 38.