Let me begin this week with a recommendation for you to investigate the web site of a dear Christian lady that I met on Twitter, Brooke Lynn. She is sold out for Jesus Christ. Her web site is: www.brookelynnjesusgirl.com


On the political front we are witnessing first hand the Democratic candidates’ appeal to voters by eliminating God from all aspects of our society. Most of them blatantly espouse positions that reject all standards of righteousness that God clearly gives us in His Word, the Bible. Now the beloved Texan, Beto, is actually promising to punish churches that affirm God’s righteousness. He says that he will remove the favorable tax policy for 501c3 religious institutions that persist in telling their congregations that the LGBTQ movement is a sin.


The candidate that is the mayor of Dayton actually claims the Bible approves of same sex relationships and marriage. Guess what, he is a homosexual. Other candidates on the Democratic front also try to use the Virgin birth of Jesus to prove that God approves abortion. The field of candidates that has each one trying to gain the nomination is pushing socialism. Take from the evil rich and give to the honorable poor. Free benefits will be available to all. Stay home and relax on your sofa and you will be just as well off as those fools that get up every day and go work on a job. Problem is, with their socialistic programs there won’t be any jobs because the wealthy people that produce to jobs will lose their wealth and close their businesses.


Historically the most successful benevolence programs to help the truly needy have been run by Christian churches. We can go back to the early chapters of Acts to see how that worked. Also the Apostle Paul took up collections gathered in churches by Christians to help the poor in Jerusalem. The percentage of the donations forwarded to the needy by Christian organizations, are much higher and more efficient than any other type of charitable organization including any level of government.


To top all of this off, what is most alarming to me is the publicity that so called Christian denominations and churches are affirming to their congregations the validity from a spiritual basis of the unbiblical standards of righteousness. I see polls that indicate many professing Christians are going to vote for the people who condone these unbiblical principles. Many of these liberal leaning professors of faith use the tired old line of, “I don’t want the preacher to preach about politics.” Folks, when a preacher preaches the Word of God as it is to people as they are, it is going to speak to all areas of society.


I am old fashion enough to believe we live in the greatest country in the world and I thank my Lord everyday for being born here. That is why I pray for the President every day along with his family that he will have the wisdom in his decisions to do what is right for our nation. As our Bible Time page points out, God is in control and He decides who will be exalted and who will be humbled. My prayer is that He will allow Godly men and women to be elected to these political offices on the local, state and national level. Sermon over!