Does the news ever get better? There is always a grain of good news mixed in with the bad if we just look for it. The recent attacks in El Paso and Dayton produced headlines about the loss of lives and serious injuries. Then just a few days following those headline makers, we learned about the tragic murder of the police officers in Philadelphia. The blame game of the liberal progressives burst forth immediately with pointed responsibility of our President, Donald Trump. When the facts finally trickled out about the shooters, many of them were in the progressive camp right along with the protesters and sign carriers.


These tragedies only added fuel to the fires of those who want gun ownership by citizens to be done away with. It is not surprising to anyone that I know that the candidates for President among the Democrats have quickly added to their campaign slogans the mournful pleas to put severe limits on who can own guns. The rifle model known as the AR-15 is the poster child of most of those that want our constitutional right to bear arms eliminated.


To the uneducated, the anti gun progressives claim that the AR means “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle.” The truth of the matter is, AR stands for ArmaLite, the company that began making them in 1950. Even thought they do resemble a military rifle, the AR-15 is a gun used for hunting. It is not an automatic firearm as it takes a pull of the trigger to fire off a round of ammunition. An automatic rifle is one in which the depression of the trigger allows it to fire continual rounds until the pressure is released.


There are several calibers of the AR-15 which accommodate owners for whatever type of shooting they desire from target practice to varmint hunting to big game hunting. The purchase of AR-15’s and other similar guns require the standard FBI background check to determine the mental condition or criminal history of the person wanting them.


Am I minimizing the horror and grief of the recent incidents of mass shootings? No, no a thousand times NO! These are tragedies that have affected countless numbers of families. We certainly should be empathetic to those family members who get caught up in the progressive groundswell of minimizing gun ownership. Putting ourselves in their shoes should make us realize the trauma they have just experienced with funerals and empty chairs at dining room tables.


Should something be done? Of course. There is a human heart and mind in every person who has chosen to pull the trigger to kill someone. Our knowledge of that rock in the hand of Cain as he slew his brother, Abel, should convince us that if someone wants to do harm to someone else, he or she will find a weapon to carry out their evil intent. History shows us that salvation by the work of the Holy Spirit in the revelation of Jesus Christ has overcome evil desires of some of the most latent perpetrators in history. The Apostle Paul had his hands involved in the murder of countless Christian converts before he met Jesus outside the walls of Damascus.


Jesus Christ can change hearts. It is my belief that every city and town in the USA should be the focus of local churches to get the message of Jesus Christ to all people in them. Millions of dollars are being spent in most every large city to expand physical facilities for houses of worship. It would stagger your mind to know just how much money is being spent on musical instruments and accompanying equipment.


I’m not against churches building facilities to better serve those desiring to worship. However, a little judgment and proper realization of needs should enter into the equation. A drive through or walk through in every town of 1000 or more people would reveal desperate needs by people in certain parts of those towns. Speaking to the citizens who actually live there would reveal a complete loss of hope for a better tomorrow. The God fearing and decent human beings far outnumber the bottom of the barrel scum that get all of the headlines on the newscasts for murders, rapes, property destruction and child abuse.


It would amaze us how much good would be produced if local churches worked with the local law enforcement agencies to get the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to those communities. Those men and women in uniforms know the trouble spots. They also know who to contact in neighborhoods that will help pave the way to make contact with the border line criminals and law breakers.


I’ve worked with law enforcement people over the years. So far I have not encountered a single one who was opposed to churches coming in and making a difference. In fact without fail they have been eager to help me make contact with people who have influence over the troubled youth and young adults in those depressed neighborhoods. They know a wonderful spiritual revival will make their jobs safer as it makes the entire neighborhoods safer.