If you are a sports fan, it is nearly a given that you will be letdown or disappointed more than once in your life. Around my neck of the woods, which is the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, there have been many letdowns in our sports world. The most recent was just a couple of days ago when the Dallas Cowboys were shut out by the Indianapolis Colts. Final score: 23-zip, zero, nada. A couple of game changers happened early. First was a blocked field goal and then a dropped touchdown pass by a wide open receiver as he had one foot in the end zone. I don’t normally cry, “foul” about the referees’ calls, but it seems like every time the Cowboys did make a good play, the yellow hankie hit the ground for some kind of penalty. The NFL is getting bad about inconsistent officiating. There is holding by the offense on nearly every play, but the refs seem to be choosey about which ones they call. Same goes for pass interference. A Cowboy receiver was open and could have possibly had a touchdown but the defender knocked him out of bounds. No interference call. Yet, the Colts got a very timely call that kept a drive alive when the Cowboy defender brushed against a receiver. Another one was a holding call on a defender for slowing a receiver down near the line of scrimmage. That one also kept a drive alive.


The Dallas Mavericks of the NBA got off to a slow start but are now a little over .500. Carlisle seems to be getting the new guys synced with the team and are playing better but they still can’t seem to beat the better teams. Admittedly I don’t keep up with the Stars of the NHL but morning sports reports on tv show they are giving up a lot of goals and losing more than they win. Then there are the Rangers of MLB. Oh, me, oh, my. General Manager, Jon Daniels is getting front page news on the sports pages of our local paper. If spin doctoring were a crime, Daniels would be in prison for life. He keeps getting these bargain basement pitchers that are just out of rehab for Tommy John surgery. The payroll for 2019 has the Rangers in the bottom tier of all MLB teams. The fans keep hearing that we won’t lose as many games next year as we did this year but the prognosis is still way under .500.


I’m holding out hope for the college bowl games. The Big 12 has several teams in these bowl games. You all know that I am a TCU Horn Frog fan and am pulling for them to win the Cheeto Bowl game against Cal. During the season I kept reading about them going to the Cheeto Bowl. I really thought that was just a joke, but there really is a Cheeto Bowl. Of course I want the Sooners to beat Bama in the first round of CFP so they can play in the championship game against probably Clemson. I hope the other Big12 bowl teams win out too: Texas, West Virginia, Oklahoma State, and even Iowa State.


Since Christmas Day is a week from today I probably should be writing about that great event rather than sports. I encourage you to watch the video to see the lesson on the Shepherds and Peace on Earth.  Another favor I ask is that you go to the Comment tab and send me a comment about your take on this blog and offer some suggestions in a Christian spirit how some improvements could be made. I am working on some resources for future editions that will allow you to download for some personal Bible study and making wise life choices.


So long til next week, which will really be a Terrific Tuesday because that will be Christmas Day! “Christ the Savior is born!