Thanksgiving is over for 2019. That means our nation is now focused on Christmas. A lot of my friends have already put up their Christmas trees and other decorations. Of course Black Friday officially starts the shopping frenzy that retailers hope will boost their sales and profits to new record highs. The Macy’s Parade on Thanksgiving is thought by some to be the kick-off event for the holidays.


Even this once revered and respected time that is known by Advent is undergoing drastic changes. Many towns across the country have renamed their parades from Christmas Parade to Holiday or Winter Parade. For a long time now even most public schools don’t close for the Christmas holidays; now it is winter break. Most people are depressed about all of the violence and crime in our country. The so-called experts wring their hands and try to explain the situation with 50 cent words they learned in college. Those multi syllable words only confuse the issue because most people don’t have a clue to their meaning.


It really isn’t that difficult to explain why our country’s morals and behavior are on a downhill plunge. When God is taken out of a society and results in Him being put on a back shelf somewhere in peoples’ hearts, history shows us that nothing remains in a vacuum. Something rushes in to fill the empty spot. Faith and reverence leave then violence and wickedness rush in to take over.


I pray daily for a nationwide revival of hearts to return to true worship of Spirit and truth. Also I pray for literally millions of Americans to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This will result in the Holy Spirit taking up residence in those millions of people. Then the Holy Spirit will lead guide and direct those redeemed people to be obedient to God’s will and purpose.


Dear ones, we have got to get God back where He belongs in our hearts and minds. Then and only then can we be that people on a hill with the Light of God shining across the landscape. What a day that will be…! I encourage each of you to pray that our Lord will be able to bless this nation once again because we as a people have put our faith and trust back in Him. Sermon Over!