Of course the main news topic of our current time is COVID-19. Last report I saw said we are approaching 10,000 deaths. What is surprising to me is the number of fatalities are people in their 40’s or 50’s. It stands to reason a major concern is for the elderly who have health problems. People who have what are considered essential jobs are permitted to go to work. Most of those businesses have put in place safeguards for their employees. Where possible minimum crew members working together are implemented.


Most businesses are supplying their employees with masks and are checking body temperatures upon entering the work site. It is encouraging to me to see that the old fashion American spirit is still alive and well as individuals and businesses are pitching in to help supply needed supplies to minimize the threat of this disease. While this cooperation in the commercial arena is applauded, we are not surprised that our politicians are refusing to cooperate for the good of our nation but are employing every dirty trick in the book to gain political dominance.


The retail segment is suffering as supplies to stock the shelves are not keeping up with demand. Once again we can applaud industry as major manufacturers are working overtime to produce the needed supplies. Also as usual our trucking industry is meeting the challenge by hauling those necessary items from the source to the stores. I call those dedicated truck drivers The Warriors of the Road.


Some of you younger guys and gals might not believe this but the travel restrictions locally and nationwide remind me of my 8thgrade American History teacher, Mr. Collins. It’s been many many years since I was in the 8th grade. As Mr. Collins was going over the creation of our Constitution, he pointed out the unique benefit to the USA compared to other countries of the world. We know our nation began with 13 colonies which became 13 states. As the country grew with the settlement of the Northwest Territory, the Louisiana Purchase and the mass movement to the West, one facet remained true: travel between states was unhindered.


No special permit or restriction was necessary to travel from one state to the next. What Mr. Collins said about that seemed odd and unnecessary at the time. He said to the effect that if this unhindered travel from state to state ever became against the law, our country would be a very different nation than our founding fathers envisioned. I know the reasoning behind the restrictions of travel due to the COVID-19. Officials are trying to save lives. However, if you research our history you will discover that when limitations on freedom and liberty are put in place, it is nearly impossible to get freedom and liberty reestablished.

That’s all for this week friends and neighbors. Thanks for tuning in and have a great week!